HarrisLogic and EV Technologies Create Award-Winning Tool

ST. LOUIS, MO – (June 26, 2018) – EV Technologies’ recent work with HarrisLogic, a technology and clinical services company focused on developing solutions for improving behavioral healthcare, was honored with a 2018 SAP Innovation Award this month.

HarrisLogic’s proprietary platform, Stella, has been the core of their highly successful mental health jail diversion program. The platform enables near-instantaneous detection of individuals booked into jail who have a history of mental health treatment and accelerates their case assignment, resulting in reductions in recidivism, the average daily jail population and inpatient psychiatric admissions to jail. Although the tool had achieved great outcomes over the past several years, it lacked the predictive analytics, data visualization, robust reporting and rapid data processing it needed in order to progress HarrisLogic’s jail diversion efforts.

“When we met HarrisLogic, we found a great customer using legacy technology to innovate. We proposed a migration to an in-memory platform, SAP HANA, a new user experience, and the integration of a set of predictive algorithms that HarrisLogic had always imagined were going to be possible,” said Eric Vallo, Owner and Chief Architect at EV Technologies.

EV Technologies leveraged SAP Predictive Analytics and SAP HANA to create a set of predictive models that each exhibit a high confidence level, identifying high utilizers with a history of mental health treatment at risk for recidivism. They also updated the tool’s UX, developing an easy-to-use interface that allows clinicians to access critical live data and information necessary for providing the best possible care and most accurate resource allocation.

In practice, Stella Stella has provided fast, live decision-making capabilities that empower behavioral health clinicians with data-driven support, achieving the following outcomes in one major metropolitan area:

4:1 Return on Investment
5% Reduction in recidivism
22% Lower daily average jailed
25% Reduction in behavioral health crisis costs
Proactive prevention of repeat offenses
More efficient use of community tax dollars
Lives saved by preventing suicides and breaking the high utilizer cycle
Clinicians given access to important predictive mental health factors in real time
Clinicians empowered by clinical decision support tools with evidence-based best practices

“This was a great example in how we can use technology for good. Researchers, academics and professionals everywhere are trying to crack open medicine again with technology in new ways. We proved that with the right data and analytics, you can detect warnings and triggers that influence someone’s behavioral health,” said Vallo.

The exceptional outcomes from this innovative program garnered recognition from SAP with a 2018 SAP Innovation Award in their Digital Transformation category.

After these unprecedented successes, EV Technologies will now be at the forefront of HarrisLogic’s next innovation in applying technology to suicide prevention in partnership with the Zero Suicide Institute.

“EV Technologies is mission-driven. They want to do more than just play with data, they want to help change the world and improve the lives of the people our products serve,” said Hudson Harris, Chief Engagement Officer of HarrisLogic.

The SAP Innovation award was presented at the SAPPHIRE NOW conference this June. Visit EV Technologies website for more information.

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July 9, 2018

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