Clinical Decision Support Platform to Power Campus-based Mental Health, Intervention and Coordination of Care

The StellaACADEMIC (Stella) solution created by HarrisLogic, LLC (HL) is a cloud-based technology that helps amplify academic health systems to prevent crises, identify college students with mental health needs, and connect them to the most appropriate services. Stella utilizes its population behavioral health engine to evaluate the progress of the students, the population as a whole, as well as providers within the system. Stella streamlines complex and laborintensive coordination of care efforts that hinders most student health systems. This is achieved by reducing inefficiencies within the healthcare system (referrals, phone calls, faxes, and emails), reducing missed connections at critical care transitions, and bringing multiple providers into a single student health solution.

How It Works

A key differentiator is Stella’s unique ability to ingest data from a wide array of complex and fragmented sources, such as healthcare records, student affairs, and external sources. This enables Stella to create holistic and truly integrated student profiles that empowers proactive outreach, persistent monitoring, and accountable care within academic health systems. As shown on the next page, this approach allows schools to act upon complete information, rather than operating with fragmented pieces of the puzzle. Our integrated record system, coupled with built in case management and workflow, empowers clinicians to make more informed and better decisions when assessing and treating students.

Stella gives academic institutions the ability to not only proactively monitor and prevent crises, but to use data from across the student spectrum to drive academic success, improve mental health, and ultimately, a support a thriving student body. Stella’s population health engine fuels event notification and continuity of care, which enables proactive response to emerging crisis events. In addition to supporting on-going care, Stella also features live alerts that enable emergent and active response to potentially critical events when they happen. All of this is done in a in a way that supports compliance with industry standard privacy practices, built on HarrisLogic’s internal data governance expertise and ensures adherence to best practices to maintain organizational regulatory compliance to HIPAA, FERPA, and institution specific privacy rules.

Who We Are

HarrisLogic in coordination with its affiliates and subsidiaries, develops technology-enabled solutions and clinical platforms to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of behavioral health services in a variety of settings and environments. Our currently deployed solutions for suicide prevention, crisis response, jail recidivism, and tele-mental health have proven track records. Our engineers and subject-matter experts collaborate with clinical, operational, and civil liberties experts to build products and solutions that help save lives and optimize the use of critical resources.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Instant notification of events reduces the time to detect and respond to students in crisis
  • Integration of multiple data sources enables the creation of holistic integrated views of students
  • Flexible workflow interface enables coordination of care across organizations
  • Reduced unnecessary utilization of higher levels of care in the health and behavioral health systems
  • Real-time dashboards enhance program management, monitoring of implementation of new initiatives, and system transformation efforts
  • Advanced data analytics and predictive modeling enables detection of existing and emerging high risk students
  • Secure, easy-to-use cloud based system built for stability, redundancy and scalability
  • Robust toolkits and dashboards for reporting and quality supervision
  • Designed for regulatory compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, 42 CFR Part 2, and HIV privacy rights

Our Capabilities

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