Improving Patient Outcomes

Technology and clinical services company HarrisLogic, which develops solutions to improve patient care, is a 2018 SAP Innovation Award winner in the Digital Transformation category for its work in mental health jail diversion.

The company’s data integration and analytics platform, Stella, enables the immediate detection and rapid case assignment of people booked into jail who have a history of mental health treatment. It has achieved a number of successful outcomes including: a reduction in the amount of time to identify mental health patients from days to 15 minutes; a five-per-cent reduction in recidivism; a 22-per-cent reduction in the average daily jail population without a commensurate increase in the percentage of persons with mental health problems; and a 25-per-cent reduction of inpatient psychiatric admissions to jail.

“We have always known rapid identification and real-time decision support for persons with mental health problems is critical for successful diversion efforts,” said Hudson Harris, Chief Engagement Officer at HarrisLogic. “Now, by utilising SAP, Stella provides visualisations and complex data analytics that allow systems of care to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs.”

July 9, 2018

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