Who We Are

HarrisLogic is an integrated technology and clinical services company founded on the belief that technology and data improve mental healthcare. We know that information and technology empowers clinicians to practice more effectively and efficiently. The use of technology saves lives by preventing suicides and breaking the high-utilizer cycle. It reduces the jail population and increases safety by proactively preventing recidivism, while creating a service system that is less punitive and more focused on treatment and rehabilitation.

What We Do

At HarrisLogic we develop and deploy technology-enabled evidence-based behavioral health solutions for suicide prevention, crisis response, criminal justice, and emergency departments. Our clinical experts drive a collaborative process between our engineers and providers, administrators, and civil liberties professionals to build products that optimize the use of critical resources to save lives and improve outcomes.

How We Help

HarrisLogic software solutions support organizations who seek to:

  • Empower clinicians with data driven clinical decision support tools
  • Improve the quality of care through the use big data, driven by predictive analytics and business intelligence
  • Intelligently display comprehensive client records integrated from a variety of sources
  • Assign, track and monitor clients as they move through systems of care or treatment plans
  • Effectively allocate services where resources are scarce and the need is high
  • Reduce the risk and cost to governments, health systems, and other service providers.
  • Providing our expertise in data governance to protect stakeholder rights and maintain organization regulatory compliance.

Our Future

Embodying the spirit of our founder, we are driving our innovation to new heights by creating data driven clinical support tools, predictive modeling, and population health analytics. HarrisLogic is proud to be partnering with the Zero Suicide Institute to develop the first-of-its-kind Suicide Platform (ZeroSP) that will directly embed the Zero Suicide framework within StellaCrisis.