William E. Harris

President & CEO Adapt of America and HarrisLogic
    Founder and CEO, William Harris, holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Arkansas and previously served as Deputy Commissioner of Community Services for the state of Missouri. He then created and continues to serve as President and CEO of Adapt of Illinois, Inc., Adapt of Missouri Inc., and Adapt Community Solutions, LLC, companies that provide a variety of behavioral health services.  He has observed firsthand the effects that institutionalization and repeated psychiatric hospitalizations had on the developmentally disabled and persons with mentally illness.
    Prior to becoming active in social work, Mr. Harris worked as an engineer for 11 years with companies such as General Dynamics, Texas Instruments and Westinghouse. In 1997, Mr. Harris called upon his engineering background when he developed HarrisLogic, Inc., a Behavioral Health Technology Solutions Company.
    HarrisLogic has been developing healthcare technology solutions for over 23 years. Our understanding of the challenges faced by public system service providers led us to focus our efforts on developing linkages to facilitate inter agency integration within safety net systems of care and to help break the cycle of patients going in and out of more restrictive levels of care.

William E. Harris

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Britton Harris

Chief Customer Technologist
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Preston Looper

Chief of Clinical Innovations